Come fly the world with me!

Hello as we all are aware, the global update has come out!! A huge thanks to the IF team for bringing this spectacular update!!! In spirt of this new update, I am in progress off a round world flight in a Boeing 787-10!! My schedule includes-

KLAX-PHTO Landing around 9 pm EST

PHTO-YBBN Takeoff around 10 pm EST landing around 7 am EST

YBBN-FACT Takeoff around 9 am EST landing around 10:30 pm ESR

FACT- KMIA Takeoff around 11:45 pm EST Landing around 12:30 am EST

KMIA- KLAX Takeoff around 1:30 pm EST Landing around 6 pm EST Saturday

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You should put this in Live or the Events category.

Ok thank you!!! And to the rest of you, my callsign is JETBLUE 69

Hello! Please use #live:events for these kind of topics. Thank you!

And that includes the template.

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