Come fly in the Caribbean and Mexico!

Expert Server Controllers will be standing by in the Caribbean and Mexican airports. Fly in, depart, or do some island hopping… regardless of what you do, let’s show the controllers some love and make these airports busy!

Share your screenshots and controllers are welcome to post what facilities they’re opening. Let’s fly!


Is this the schedule for every week?

No, I’ll post a new schedule each week. :)


Aaaaa, 5000 XP to go. Hope i can catch those points before the events end.

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Nice! I’d love to see MHTG open :), although I doubt an approach controller would have much luck with those mountains.

Are you guys there the whole day? I’m landing in Seattle, WA, soon and might pop down for a flight to Orlando or such.

According to the schedule, yes we are.

I’m headed towards Houston out of MMMX. It’s amazing the stark contrast between the old ATC experience and that of the new. Totally layed back, no BS wild pilot randomness. Just do your thing and casually have a flight with top notch service. Thanks IFATC donny down in Juarez.

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