Come Fly At Victoria Airport (CYYJ) on Expert! (Closed)

Victoria International Airport Via Victoriabuzz

Hello folks, I currently have CYJJ open on the expert server with @Yacht for an hour or two. I thought I would invite everyone to come to visit this airport. It’s quite cute, featuring some nice terrain and an interesting runway configuration. Come fly some circuits or take a nice VFR flight up the coast towards the mountains.

Suggested Routes:
CYYJ-CVYR | West Jet Or Air Canada | DH4
CYYJ-CYYC | West Jet | DH4

Max Size is a 767, recommended STARs APASS 6 (AP.APASS6), DISCO 3 (DISCO.DISCO3), recommended departures Victoria 5 (CYYJ5.). Runways 09, 02 in use. Aircraft flying to CYVR expect radar vectors.



I’m going to spawn in time now


im gonna fly YYJ-YVR-YXY

see you in a second

@Robin3 I’ll be closing up in a few minutes here once you depart. Thanks for coming!

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