Come Fly at Southampton [CLOSED NOW]

Does anybody want to come to Southampton [EGHI] on the Training Server, I’ll be on Tower ATC.
There is no ground so pushback and taxing is the pilots responsibility.
Would love to see some Ryanair, easyJet and FlyBe!



@NEO Hi. Just seen you online! Thanks for choosing the eastJet livery - you read my mind!

Joe x

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Please provide an airport ICAO code rather than a city name. That would be helpful!

EGHI, sorry :)

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I’ll PM you some feedback later. Good job though.

Thank you. I love to hear feadback!

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Anybody else want to come?

I would come but my tablet I use to fly is updating to iOS 10 right now. Maybe next time you control I’ll try to stop by for some patterns. Feel free to PM me if you want to set a time with me personally or just tag me next time you open. :)

dont do it let me know if IF still works :(

IF works fine. I’ll PM you with details. :)

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Hello. Southampton now open!

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