Come fly at KPWM RIGHT NOW

Come fly any plane your want in Portland Maine

Respond if you are going to come fly and we can wait for a little bit to get more people

If anybody wants to be ATC go ahead we need

Expert server

it[date=2020-01-28 time=15:30:00 timezone=“America/New_York”]

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Hi there! When asking people to come to a specific airport or route, please post in these categories and follow their specific requirements!

KPWM would be great for an event, it’s a nice little airport and has got almost all aircraft covered in-game!


I’ll just state that you can’t post there because you are TL1, to be TL2, keep liking, commenting, and being active in the community and you’ll be there in no time! I’ll also say that Expert server ATC is restricted to the schedule and doesn’t work as TS where you can control whatever you like.


Going to have to correct you there. It’s #live:events that TL1s can’t post in, however they may still post in #live:groupflights.

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Huh. Well rip me. He’ll need to follow the proper format too.

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Proper format please!