Come Down to Denver! || Event Crisis

I’m in an event crisis! Please come down to Denver in any featured airline on my event. And make sure you come in the appropriate parking spot! Thankyou!

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I can come for you hommie. But i really don’t know parking spots well.

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Thank you so much! Just look at the gates on the event topic. Different airlines have different parking spots. :)

ill come down if the event is still open?

No Aeroflot Virtual - no coming -_-

You could’ve came under “Other”.

Airlines can only be featured if the Founder is in VAFCA. I don’t know the founder of Aeroflot VA, so I couldn’t contact him. We are having a part 2 of this event, and hopefully I can contact more VA Founders, which means more featured VA’s, which means more aircraft and airlines!

@Captain_Infinite you should’ve went online to check. The event is over now. :/

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I was the founder of Mustache Airways so I came by my self.


You own a VA? How many members?

And also, you should join VAFCA then!

Only a couple of people of people really not a big one. Also what’s VAFCA?

VAFCA is the Virtual Airline Founder and CEO Alliance. We have a Discord with nothing but a bunch of… Founders and CEOs of Virtual Airlines. Lol.

We are trying to get as many Founders in here as possible.

oh god sorry i was too late (N)

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How do i join then?

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I gotchu fam. :)

I’m the founder of Aeroflot Virtual

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Seriously? Come join VAFCA then! Plenty of VA Founders in there. I’ll PM you with a Discord link to join. :)

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