Come do ATC in south Florida on playground

Let’s get south Florida have more atc that SoCal come join I’m Miami tower & ground.

Might join in about 30 mins

Ok no problem

I’ll be there in 10

On way dude

I will come fly and check several of you out in about an hour if your still controlling. // Advanced Recruiter

Ok great let’s go and get this place busy

I’ll be doing some pattern work.

Ok great !

@Gussytheaviationlad just taxied across my field at 140kta and then took off. No instruction or runway required haha

Ino him from instagram

This doesn’t seem to be taking off

I have traffic

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Wanna share it around haha

Some are coming up

Getting excited hahaahaha

I’m atc at KRSW southwest Florida intl

The airspace around me is getting busy

Ones here 😁

I’m approach and departure for you