Come check out my new video!

Here is my video! With the beautiful 787 from Japan!

I hope you enjoy it

Yea, happy April fools

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reads the arrow

nah not gonna do it


It’s not a Rick Roll, you can believe me on that

No one can trust anyone in this day

I’m being absolutely serious lmao

Are you? Are you really?

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Just want to hand out the award for “first butchered link on April fools Day” to @Icelandair_TeamICE , congrats.


Not a Rick Roll but we were still pranked

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Spread the message

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Lol, what-

Anyways, I switched it to the original link. Now, go actually enjoy the video :)

Pranked by your own prank. Get rekt.


What xtra xtra

I can already tell it’s gonna be either Rick roll, pumpkin, or coconut mall

okay then I was close enough it was stick bug

Lucky me, and ad saved me ;)