Come and Join My Livestream

I am going to be doing a livestream for YouTube in about 20 minutes! It will be my first one! Join me if you want to!

First leg will be from KDSM - KMSP. I will be using a Delta A319 on the Flight. Link to my channel is below:


Aaaaand where is the link below?


Hold on getting it real quick

I put it in live! Someone moved it, and it’s funny how you took that out to make yourself look innocent.

Just delete this mods clearly some people are getting ticked off about this topic😔


I see this more as a group flight then advertising… Hes asking for people to join him on the flight! @Chief305 @Ryan_Vidad

Which happens all the time! I love joining IFC Members flights!


@JRRaviation why did you change it to ‘general’ topic not ‘live’?

Then he should follow the live events category. Anyways this topic fits in Live… not general


As its not a event but a group flight (Goes in Live)

He did. Someone changed it, however.

Will try and tune into the livestream! Thanks for posting :)

Although I cannot fly, I would love to watch!
PS - I look at this as an opportunity to connect with community mwbers, not as a Lin as for a YouTube channel.
Happy Landings!

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@AllegiantAir - Are you doing the flight?

Yah, just getting the kinks worked out lol first stream and I want it to be good. I am now Live!!

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