Combine London+Paris Region?


Ok first of all, you are not here to talk about having one region for free. Whats your opinion on combining London+Paris region. Only things devides these region is English Channel on its narrowest point 20mile widest point 150mile(mile). First region to region map?


I moved 17 posts to an existing topic: Global Flight This falls under the “Global Flight” request. Combining only certain or select regions isn’t plausible, but a open Global map is. Thank you.


Why did I get a notification you moved this? I haven’t even commented on this topic.


Because it’s a duplicate request that would fall under the “Global Flight” request. Combining individual regions isn’t plausible and essentially it’s the same as just having Global Flight. Which is something we are working towards. :)


London,Paris & Amsterdam Regions all touch each other at southern corners…i think it would be cool to join all there…not to mention that Chicago & Oshkosh are actually touching on each fully and should have been made into one big one…just saying…


Please continue the discussion of combined regions under the Global Flight request.