Comair (British Airways Livery) Boeing 737-800

Those Winglets though… <3

This would be great in the game.


I believe it is heading to SA to be used by Comair.


You are correct. Your Cookie will be delivered within 3-5 working days. :)


Boeing = Winglets
Airbus = Sharklets

These are not going to be operated by British Airways in the UK. They are for their South African Subsidiary Comair - Hence the ‘ZS-***’ reg


Already been discussed.

Yes, I have noticed. posted at a very similar time.

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I means its nice to look at, but I can see in the game, idk why, but I don’t like the British livery on it

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It should be called British Airways because that is the livery.

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Comair (British Airways) may be best, just to avoid confusion

But it’s not a Comair livery.

Hence why I said

British Airways in brackets indicating the fact that it is a Comair aircraft, British Airways Livery

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BA should put that marking on there aircraft with winglets/sharklets

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I totally agree!

We really need this! Never knew it was operated, the BA livery looks beautiful on the 737. Plus a 737-800 repaint.

A B737-800 with British Airways livery? I want it.

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oh gosh lovely, NEEDED.

Another South African low cost airline! I hope this gets added!

That’s nice :)

Those wingslets 😍