Comac C919

@gjwhite14 and @Aviationluver what do you think Guys the new picture

The engine looks almost as big as the body.


The Chinese are out copying again 😂😂


Love those big fat engines

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Looks quite strange with those oversized engines. Have any American or European airlines shown interest in buying this?

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At least they’re using CFM


Yes please!

All airliners look the same today…

And the reason is they copy. Plus airliners are pretty easy for us to differentiate.

Examples of airliner mashups:
The MRJ90 looks like an Embraer 190 + a CRJ
The ARJ21 looks like a CRJ-700 + a DC-9

Fokker 100 looks like an A320 + 717 + Dash 8 :-)

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Say WHAT? I don’t think so.

It definitely does. Look at that nose/cockpit windows, the gears and the elevators on the tail.

Nice-looking plane. Waiting for the first livery


crossed with an A350

They are going to test this plane at Twenthe Airport!

where your info is coming from i can´t find anything

It’s more like a an A320

It looks like a mini A350XWB

yea in the front