Comac C919

COMAC C919 Feature Request


As Chinese Aviation is new to the industry, the company COMAC decided to step up and start constructing planes. The C919 was their second one after the ARJ21, which had the looks of a MD-80 series while this one looks like a copy of the Bombardier C Series A220-200.

Start-up and General Info

The COMAC C919, a aircraft which began production of the prototype in 2011, has engines powered by CFM International LEAP or ACAE CJ-1000A turbofan engines. It’s Maiden flight was first held on 5 May 2017, with commercial deliveries expected in 2021, but with the unexpected outbreak, all deliveries have been delayed.


  • Air China (5 Orders)
  • China Eastern Airlines (5 Orders)
  • China Southern Airlines (5 Orders)
  • GECAS (10 Orders)
  • Hainan Airlines (15 Orders)
  • ICBC Leasing (45 Orders)
  • Sichuan Airlines (20 Orders)
  • BOCOMM Leasing (30 Orders)
  • CALC (20 Orders)
  • Joy Air (20 Orders)
  • Hebei Airlines (20 Orders)
  • HNA Group (200 Orders) (Including Hainan Airlines)

Currently as the aircraft is still in testing process, this would be a nice addition, as it can convince more people to fly in a beautiful region, China with a interesting and beautiful aircraft. If this was added, this could open up many operations about China and could be the first-ever aircraft in IF that is Chinese Made.


Seats: 168 (1-class) / 158 (2-class)
Length: 38.9M / 127.6 ft
Height: 11.95M / 117.5ft
MTOW: 72,500kg / 159,835
Cruising Speed: Mac 0.78 / 834 km/h
Range: 4,075km / 2,200nm

We Hope to see your support for this beautiful aircraft!

Credits: Comac C919 - Wikipedia

Im all about diversity in the fleet and this could be quite intreseting to fly. Voted. Also remember vote for your own topic

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Is it just me or does that look like a mini-787? Cool request!

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Thanks! Yes, it does look kinda like it but with A220 size :)

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