Comac C919

The C919 show off and first flight event
The C919 is a Chinese made Narrow-body twin engine aircraft. It’s first flight was 5th if may 2017 and is planned to officially go into service with China Eastern.

The ‘C’ in the name stands for Comac and the first 9 means forever. The last two digits “19” stands for the number of passengers it can take (190).

The C919 is meant to be able to compete with Boeings 737s and Airbus’ A320 family’s. China National radio says that the estimated cost per airplane is around $50 Million, which is cheaper than both the 737 and A320 list prices.

As of 13 of June, 2017 the number of orders stood at 586 or around 22 airlines/companies with the biggest number of planes ordered going to “China Construction Bank Financial Leasing”.

It’s Messurments are:
Length: 38.9 meters or 127.6ft
Wingspan: 25.8m or 117.5ft
Height: 11.95m or 39.2ft

Overall I believe this would not be a success with out the Chinese government (only one American company has order the model, a Thai and Chinese company aswell. I think it will find it hard to get out onto the market.

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Just to clarify, is this topic meant to just make the community aware of this aircraft?


You mean Comac C919, don’t you?


Yes sir, it is. Almost no one has posted or talked about it

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Yes (I always get the number mixed up 😂😅)


I think that you should provide an image of the aircraft and maybe an article from a credible source that shows how many orders are in place and so on.

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It’s not allowing me (no options, I am switching to my laptop as we speak to try and add some)

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It has been posted about before. I feel this topic is unnecessary because there’s not much to add on to these:


Very cool! Like this naming scheme

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Anyway, very interesting aircraft. Reminds me a bit of the SJ100. But, as you said, I don’t think many airlines will buy it considering we already have a320s and 737s to do the job of short-medium haul routes.

I’m well aware of that post and you don’t need to link it. I’m sure most people know about this aircraft, and nothing new is learnt from this topic. The information can easily be searched up as well.

Well, I learnt a lot about the plane from this topic.

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Well, that could have been easily found in a Wikipedia article or in the topics I linked.

I think I heard this on BBC a couple of months ago. Old news. Would be a great addition to Infinite Flight if its requested

It looks like an A320 out of the box. If you wouldn’t tell me the name and provide me with a low quality picture, I would’ve called that a A320. (No offense, i reckon it’s still a good aircraft though:))