Comac ARJ21(-700)

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The Comac ARJ21-700 is a Chinese aircraft.

Seating capacity: 90
Length: 33.46m
Wingspan: 27.28m
Wing area: 79.86 sq m
Height: 8.44m
Cabin width: 3.14m
Cabin height: 2.03m
Empty weight: 24,955kg
Max operating speed: 470kts
Engine thrust: 75.87kN


Shanghai Airlines
Shandong Airlines
Xiamen Airlines
Henan Airlines
Lao Airlines
Joy Air
Chengdu Airlines
Myanmar Airways


Looks like a combination between a CRJ and a 717.


Literally only a day ago. Unless that one is a different length or model. Comac ARJ-21 - #11 by Danman

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Looks literally like a 717 and a CRJ900 that had kids and this happened

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I like it!

Nope, same.

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Because this does look anything like a CRJ 😒

Only issue I got with Chinese made aircraft is that no other airlines buy it and the product just shuts down because only Asian based airline buy them. But other than that I would like to sees. And maybe you made this on the fly

This has been requested already. Please search before posting. :)

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