Columbus, OH to Southwest Florida, FL

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av! Today, we are going from North to South on a new carrier called Breeze Airlines. Here we go!
Right now, we are at Columbus John Glenn Intl. Airport in Ohio and yes guys, you can escape Ohio. 💀 We are at Lane Aviation’s parking lot for some reason and our plane will be at Concourse B and Gate B34. We will take a short 2 minute walk to the front doors.

TSA and Security was very normal and uneventful. Now we are at our gate! Our aircraft for today’s flight will be a A220-300 or a BSC3 registered to Breeze Airlines.

WOW, this cabin looks neat!

Our seat for today’s flight is 6F. Legroom is decent and the seat also comes with Free WI-FI and a USB under the seat.

We are now ready for takeoff already! I am lucky we got a seat in front of the engine and the buzzsaw sound SO GOOD! Bye Bye Ohio!

Now we are at cruise! Not much to do since there is lots of turbulence up here and we cannot get out of our seats.

We are now in Florida! Sadly, we can’t see Jacksonville due to our seat not being on the side of clear view of Jacksonville.

We are now starting our descent! We are about to reach SF! (Southwest Florida, not San Fransisco 🙄)

We can see the airport! We are going to do a right 180 and land.

And after a few windy twists and a good landing, Welcome to Southwest Florida!

camera dies🥲
This skit was inspired by one of my favorite YouTubers: Simply Aviation, a YouTuber that makes Trip Reports like this skit!


Make sure to try and include only 10 screenshots, as this violates the Screenshots and Videos category.

Nice trip report though!

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Did this same appr irl a few months ago

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