Columbus John Glenn International Airport | KCMH | Spotting | Pt. 2


I recently went spotting for the first time since February due to the COVID-19 restrictions. If you want to check out my previous spotting trip in February… the thread can be found here

Without further ado, check out these photos that were taken on a beautiful day in Columbus, Ohio!

| Alaska Airlines | A321neo | KCMH-KMSP | N926VA |

We got a special visitor to Columbus today! Usually, Columbus will get service from Seattle on an A320. Recently, they changed the routes to SEA-MSP-CMH due to COVID-19 (still using the A320). But this time, we got an A321neo with the More to Love livery.

| United | E175LR | KORD-KCMH | N728YX |

There isn’t much that is special, other than the fact that United liked my post on Instagram! :)

@HarryH1 you saw this one coming from a mile away :)

| NetJets | Cessna Citiation Latitude | KCMH-KICT | N538QS |

A lot of you guys liked the private jet on my last thread, so here’s another one :)

| Delta | MD-88 | KCMH-KATL | N978DL |

We all knew this event would come, but here is the last revenue flight out of Columbus. It was nice to see that the Columbus Airport respected the beautiful aircraft by giving it a shower before it left. :’(

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Let me know below what your favorite aircraft was! Keep in mind the pictures may have lost quality due to the uploading feature here in the forum.


Photos are blurry for some reason :/

They look pretty sharp to me. Dropped a follow


I’m getting some Tyler tilt vibes on some of these. None the less great shots. I will drop a follow once my plane spotting account isn’t disabled

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Ok. Maybe it’s just my internet acting up. Thanks for letting me know!

The trego Dugan guys had fun with that A321 for Alaska. (Trego Dugan is the ground handling company for Alaska at CMH)

Oops. I messed up the thread… great

The formatting is almost as good as the photos! 😛

No seriously, those are some top-quality, awesome photos, great job! I’m loving that MD-80, so sad that they’re gone now.

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These are some awesome photos! Awesome job!

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Wow those are amazing!

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Awesome pics!

I’m guessing you were one of these guys:

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Here is the photo Jack was talking about…United still hasn’t liked my post yet 😂


Tell me about. It took me like 100 posts to get United to like one of my posts. Where my friend gets likes and comments by United all the time


That last one is sad 😭😭


Nice spots! I’d love to come see KCMH someday


That’s me and a friend :)


That is cool. Def. should tag the airport and say hello! Plane spotting is always so much fun.

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That more to love picture 😍

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and they never will like it :)