Colours Added To Logo

Hi!! Can anyone help me know when the colours were added to Infinite Flight logo. I login almost thrice a week, but somehow I didn’t notice the new logo. I like the add on to their logo❤️😎😁😍 Thanks n advance🙏🏽

They were added at the start of the month to signify the start of pride month. I would assume that this would last until the end of the month though.


Yeah, like @LordWizrak said it is only for pride month. They create a pride logo every year that only lasts the month. Will definitely only be here until July starts.


Yes like everyone stated, pride month, which is why the colours are there. Represents LGBTQ rights, I think.


A lot of people have made it there profile picture to support pride month. If you want you can do the same by taking a screenshot of this image:


Thnks mann🙏🏽

Just changed my profile pic to support the pride. Thanks for letting me know. But IF should’ve sent a message to all their subscribers that IF supports the pride with the new logo pic, so few people like me wouldn’t be scratching their heads like a dumb…😁😁. Seeing the logo first time what struck my mind was IF’s anniversary.
You have a good day. 🙏🏽

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