Colour Coded Speed Bar

I could not find any topics that mentioned this feature. I thought I would go ahead and post this.

My suggestion is to have a colour coded bar next your KIAS indicator that give you following info:

  • GREEN: To tell if it is safe for aircraft to rotate during takeoff roll & safe crusing speed

  • WHITE: Giving you stall speed

The image below may not be the best example but I just wanted to throw you a rough idea how it will look. It’s pretty much self-explanatory.

@Usman_A dont forget to vote for your own feature!! I will gladly find a vote for this

I believe we have this on some aircraft, but it would be cool to see it on others. Also, @CPT_Colorado that is only encouraged, not a rule:


I remember it is present on the TBM.

Ah yes, I couldn’t remember the aircraft! I believe maybe the C172 as well?

@snoman i never intended for it to be a rule. This is for other aircraft

It is not a rule, thus

There is no need to remind people on every single feature request.

Yep, it also has them. Different colors though, so it looks like it is different from aircraft to aircraft.

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didn’t notice that on C172 & TBM untill you mentioned it. Thanks :) I thought @Marc closed my topic few hours ago. It’s open again?

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Closed the old one instead 😊

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