Colour Code ATC


I want to have airports turn a certain colour in the ATC menu, when they hit a certain number of planes at the airport, for example, 5 planes. The reason I want this is because I sometimes want to be ATC on Training, but I have to click through EGLL, EDDF, KJFK, KLAX, RJTT and EHAM to find an open Tower or Ground with more than 3 planes. My idea in a screenshot:


Basically, have some sort of symbol to indicate it has a couple of planes to practice ATC.


Not a bad idea ;)
Don‘t have any votes sorry

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I have same problem , but I 'm out of votes. :(

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This is a nice idea, however to get meaningful training on TS1 you really need to have an ATC Tracking Thread so that you can get trusted and knowledgable guys to come and fly patterns or use you as a departure/arrival airfield to give you real, meaningful training.

So while a colour coded system would tell you there are 5 or more aircraft at the airport, lets assume using random figures pulled from my head that:

  • 1 will try to fly patterns but not understand position reports.
  • 3 will depart and never return, of those 3; 1 will use the wrong runway after disregarding your ATC commands.
  • 1 will sit in a B747 parked in a GA spot before taking off from the taxiway.

If I were you, I would create a tracking thread to avoid this and really learn and improve.


But tracking threads are more for pattern work, and sometimes I just want to control a big airport with departures, not pattern work

Oh Lord, I would rather you than me! Its frustrating trying to control on TS1 with folk ignoring you or spamming the frequency. However, each to their own and good luck with your feature!


Yes they’re more for pattern work. But some go to close airports around yours and then land.

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I would recommend applying to IFATC. A tracking thread will allow you to get the experience required to pass the test, and once in you can work your way to controlling the large airports, but here you will actually have a way of enforcing your commands.

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I think it would be beneficial to know how many planes are on the ground at the airport before opening, so I understand this request but I don’t feel color coding the airport icons is the best option as some controllers are colorblind, like myself. I’d prefer a count of the planes on the ground in the form of a number put somewhere.