Colors of the Night Sky

I wonder if someone could explain that even though its the middle of the night where i am flying i am still seeing different colors rather than full pitch black. The top of the sky is black and closer to the horizon its a mix red and orange.

If you have clouds to broken the light will show turn your clouds to clear and then the sky will be pitch black with the stars!

I did that and it still remains the same

oh i dont know what else to do then

Where are you flying? In some parts of the northern / southern hemisphere in summer the sky doesn’t go completely dark.

that is true, if you are north or south enough depending on the time of the year. anyway here is where i am

haha i just realized that im close by to one of the developers testing out the A330! haha i think he might be using the KLM livery on his build of the game given he is flying from EHAM!

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Oh woW!! that is amazing!

lets settle down and get back on topic haha

I know I know! Im just too excited for this rework!

the explanation is, the earth is round, what you’re seeing is normal.

in real life though on an airplane, you only see pitch black outside, no orange or red until sunrise.

That’s been there since the beginning of global and I don’t believe it is intentional - it’s not related to sunrise/sunset as it is present in game around the world during the middle of the night. As far as I know it’s a minor glitch with the atmospheric rendering. At least it isn’t noticeable unless you put your brightness on max.

My phone is on max brightness haha. maybe whenever they release project metal, this issue might go away.

G-UCCI isn’t a a dev he’s an IFATC supervisor who I believe is a beta tester Dont quote me on that 💀

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