Colorful map

Hey everyone, I see some people have a colorful map pin the game, and I searched everywhere in the settings to see how to make the map colorful. Someone tell me cuz I really would like colors on my map:)

Hey this feature was taken out some time ago i think when global came out…


Oh, well that’s sad:(

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@Abudy your previous post was closed. Please don’t make another one to clog up the forum. On the brighter side, It would be nice to have it back 😉


They got rid of it because it was causing problems with global and added a lot of lag etc (I think I’m right)

Could be wrong, but i believe they’re working on bringing it back, no ete or anything but i think i read somewhere that they’ll be bringing it back eventually


Can’t wait. Because I would pay the price for what ever apps that allows to mix google maps with Infinite Flight maps. I’ll pay

Well if you have a pc or mac with internet you could track your flight in real time with better than just a colourful map in (satelite view) but that’s all the best I could advise you currently, sorry mate it’s not in-game anymore - which they should’ve put back in cause it’s crucial :)

I am actually realising some people weren’t here before global :O would be better in that case

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Bookmarked your reply, thanks Oiseau! :D

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I started IF 3 months ago and was astonished when I saw screenshots of people who had terrain on their maps. Yesterday’s “high altitude” airport theme made me realize we really need it back. But as some have mentioned they might be working on bringing it back.