Colored runways

What do those colors mean?

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Green = Winds favorable to land (headwinds with no more of a deviation of ~45 degrees)

Yellow = Crosswinds

Red = NOT CLOSED, but unfavorable winds to land (tailwinds)


Ahh oke ty

I am on a flight to kjfk rn,should I change it to a green runway or doesn’t it really matter when I let autopilot land?

Pick a green or yellow runway…winds will be favorable at those runway ends.

It’s common that winds will change favorable landing runways when you’re not that far from the airport.


A quick search would have yielded you several results that cover this question.



I actually don’t agree with this. Choose the runway that is being used in real life. A handful of times that I have landed at KJFK, they are using a “red” colored runway, so just check other sources as well.

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Real world goes by real winds and depends on traffic to switch or not.

Infinite is the same, however may take longer to update the winds.

Generally everyone goes to the green runways as soon as they’re shown, or the correct winds shown in game. You don’t want to be taking off somewhere in tailwinds, since the game might be slightly different than real life since the weather may not have updated.


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