Colored Names

When I fly by a airport or I’m at a airport, I see people with different name colors. Some of them where blue another was orange. Why is that?

Red = 0%<25% Standing
Orange = 25%<50% Standing
White = 50%<99% Standing
Green = 100% Standing
Purple = Moderators
Blue = Developers


Orange means a low standing, red is even lower standing. Green is 100% standing. Purple is moderators, blue is developers. Someone else can give more info about numbers.


I have already done it @Swang007

Thanks. ^.^

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Yours were only 2 seconds aprt

I actually never understood it either…thanks :)

What’s the role of the Moderators in Infinite Flight Live?

None, the purple color just makes it harder for someone to impersonate a moderator. It’s happened before!


Isn’t it possible to ghost people as moderator?

Nope, I don’t know where that rumor came from. Maybe Tyler can but I can’t

They are users like you and me, but have been giving permission to do some babysitting :)

Aint that right sean :p