Colored Flight Path - IF Tracker

Does anybody know what the different colored lines mean on the flight path on Infinite Flight Tracker?

I have always wondered if it was terrain warning or something to that effect.


It the height that cause to different color.

Flight path looks the same on Android mobile. I think the colored flight path only works on IOS and PC. But yeah your color depends on altitude.

Would that be altitude MSL or altitude AGL?

@Cameron Can answer this.

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This also happens on Flightradar24
As mentioned by Flightradar24 itslef:

When you click on a plane, the path that this particular plane has taken is printed on the map. The color of the trail behind the plane differs depending on the altitude the aircraft had at that position.

The numbers are in meters.
● If the plane is below 100 meters in altitude, the trail will be white.
●If it is above 100 meters, the trail will yellow, then green.
●Then above 2500 meters it will become light blue, then dark blue, purple.
●For the highest altitude it will be red.

I belive this to be the same on Live Flight.
Just change meters to Feet!


I don’t build Infinite Tracker on Android, that’s a question better answered by @valxp :)


You mean you didnt build?😜😜😂

It still ises the same principle tho.

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