Colored Aircraft Labels

Hello everyone, As yesterday we received our very first update for the year 2024, I wanted to share my experience using the colored aircraft labels while controlling ground and Tower frequency.


Departing Traffic:

  • Aircraft starts with default colour label.
  • Pushback request approved - Colour changed to YELLOW.
  • Taxi clearance given - Colour changed to BLUE.

Arriving Traffic:

  • Aircraft taxing to parking - Colour changed to RED.


Departing Traffic:

  • Aircraft reaches tower with BLUE colour label.
  • Takeoff clearance - Colour changed to GREEN.
  • Frequency changed approved - Colour changed to YELLOW.

Arriving Traffic:

  • Inbound aircraft calls in with default strip colour.
  • When pattern instruction given - Colour changed to BLUE.
  • Landing clearance given - Colour changed to GREEN.
  • Once exit command is given - Colour changed to RED.
  • Aircraft contacts ground with RED colour label for parking.

Hope my setup will be helpful to IFATC controllers. If there are any suggestions or any different setup you use, feel free to let me know. Thanks for your time!


Interesting - this is mine at the moment:


Departing Aircraft - pushback given - YELLOW
Departing Aircraft - taxi given - BLUE
Departing Aircraft - takeoff given - GREEN
Departing Aircraft - frequency change approved - YELLOW

When no Radar controller:

Arriving Aircraft - Pattern Entry given - BLUE
Arriving Aircraft - Clearance given - GREEN

Aircraft given warning - RED


Departing aircraft - YELLOW

Inbound Aircraft - BLUE - change to GREEN once cleared.

Aircraft given warning - RED

may change though - interested in seeing what other people’s setups are.
also - being able to move the tags around is really helpful

would love to see more colours in the future :)


Hello guys…

Since color changing is a bit hard on clicks, I restrain the usage to the minimum on busy airports.


Yellow goes to a plane taxing to another runway than the closest one,
Red goes to a plane who’s requesting taxi from parking to another parking.

Yellow goes to a plane in transition,
Blue goes to a plane in pattern work.

Have fun with the new ATC stuff all!


Hoooo I’ll change my red usage!
Brilliant idea to put a red tag on warned planes!!


Man I keep things simple, green for departing aircrafts, red for arriving aircrafts, yellow for pattern work🤣


Just now did a quite good busy session at Doha and noticed that the RED tag for parking aircrafts and YELLOW for aircrafts cleared to pushback was very important.

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They should make this automated, like a setting which you can pre assign a command with a colour


that would be useful - especially when its really busy.


The best use I felt was differentiating taxi to parking aircrafts from taxi to runway aircrafts.


I used it when controlling Istanbul, it helped a lot. I used red for aircrafts that I told to hold position and it helped a lot for remembering to allow them to pb.


I thought I’d make my own post, on what colors I use whilst on IFATC trainings:



  • Every aircraft that spawns gets a RED colored tag.
  • Aircraft told to Hold Position - YELLOW.
  • Pushback clearance received - BLUE.
  • Taxi clearance received - GREEN.
  • Aircraft cleared to taxi to parking - RED.


Inbound from another airport

  • Aircraft tunes in - DEFAULT.
  • Aircraft requests clearance to land/T&G - YELLOW.
  • Aircraft receives clearance to land/T&G - GREEN.
  • Aircraft in the go-around - BLUE.
  • Aircraft landed - RED.

Aircraft taking off/after doing a T&G

  • Hasn’t received a sequence/clearance - YELLOW.
  • Aircraft has been cleared to land - GREEN.

I’m just about to do my 2nd mock, so praying that it goes better than the first one!


Looks quite good, you just might wanna check the part where colour label stays same colour when transferring from Ground to Tower.

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In my case I believe in least workload and efficient service, you could skip few parts in your setup too
Departing Traffic:

  • Aircraft reaches tower with BLUE colour label.
  • Takeoff clearance - Colour changed to GREEN.
    Instead you could just give a colour to next person in sequence if you want.

Arriving Traffic:

  • Landing clearance given - Colour changed to GREEN.
    Aircraft tags are already green when they are leared to land.

Parts I like about your setup are ground and aircrafts in pattern.
My personal setup:
Yellow - aircrafts in pattern but not cleared (default once cleared)
I will adopt few things from your setup, thanks :)


Sounds good. As I’ve used it now more frequently I found that I don’t use every setup on busy airspaces but I do use RED for taxi to parking aircrafts alot and other one more used is Pushback approved to YELLOW. This becomes very helpful in busy airspaces where you are doing tower and ground and want to control ground efficiently.


Yep this one sounds way better and it’s actually really helpful to avoid ground conflicts and forgetting about some guys.


looks good !!
i would also like share mine (as a local controller)


Green :Reserved for arrival aircraft, so I won’t be confused with the departures and arrivals traffic.

Yellow : for aircrafts under the “hold position” command. If I see aircrafts pushing back or taxiing and have this color, so… we all know what will happen then :)

Red : when I issue a “progressive taxi instruction” to maintain focus on that specific aircraft.

Blue : when my D&T includes a hold point and does not specify “contact tower when ready.” I use the blue color to remind myself to manually send a “frequency change” command to the aircraft.

  • if possible, once the aircrafts arrive at their gate - i change the color from blue to default

Black : not in use :)


Green : after issuing the “exit runway” command, and it will automatically change on the Ground frequency

Yellow : not in use :)

Red : not in use :)

Blue : for aircrafts in pattern

Black : not in use :)

looking forward to setting up a comfortable color label when I get promoted to officer rank !


The coloured labels are indeed a great feature. I’d like to share mine’s:

Ground & Tower

  • Aircraft holding position (ATC Instructed): Reminder for 1 min.
  • Pushback / taxiing to runway: Green.
  • Taxiing to parking: Blue.
  • Departures: Yellow
  • Landings: No color since I get an indication if an aircraft is cleared. (label turns green once it gets cleared)


For radar, the coloured labels are very useful, especially if working with parallel runways. So with that, I have an idea on what to do with the aircraft. Either way, here’s how I use this feature for radar:


  • Emergency Inbound: Red
  • Inbounds - Single runway: Blue.
  • Parallel inbounds - Left Runway: Green.
  • Parallel inbounds - Right Runway: Blue.
  • Parallel inbounds - Center Runway (If applicable): Red / No colour
  • Departures: Yellow

If there’s two runways which are intersecting, then I apply the same as for parallels


  • Aircraft climbing: Yellow
  • Aircraft on Cruise: No colour
  • Aircraft Descending: Blue
  • If center acts as approach, then basically the stuff I do in approach frequency.

Obviously there are more ways to use these coloured labels, but you may have an idea how I do.

I’ll find more ways with this, but this feature was really needed :D


I like yours but arriving gets yellow to remind me to look back at them.

Blue and green I use the same. I hardly use red unless I have a give way conflict to remember to look at or pushback conflict.

I would love more colors also one day but i think the basics are still cool

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