Colorblind On/Off Setting

I’m proposing a selectable item be added in the general settings for folks that are in the colorblind community. Attached is a screenshot of the settings screen (General Section) with a note for placement of the proposed request.

Now before some people go haywire and say well people shouldn’t be flying if they are colorblind, they can’t be a pilot in real life! This is incorrect since there are levels of severity in regards to the inability to process different colors. In fact, studies have shown that 1 in every 12 men and 1 out of every 200 women have “color blindness.”

I suffer from one of the more common conditions similar to this gentleman’s condition in the following excerpt, “Your eyes have three groups of cells shaped like cones that are responsible for seeing color. If you can see colors properly it means that all three cones are working the way they should, and you’re called a trichromat. But people like me have at least one faulty cone, and which cone is faulty determines which color you have trouble seeing. I have deuteranomaly – reduced sensitivity to green light, the most common form of color blindness – so I have trouble distinguishing between reds, greens, browns, oranges, and some blue and purple hues.” -Cameron Gidari [What It's Like To Play Games When You're Colorblind]

Thank you for taking the time to review my feature request.
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There are some setting in the accessibility section of your device which help add color filters. This is a feature which is one of the simplests to add. Whether the fds add it or not, here’s an article on how to change the settings on your phone: How To Enable Screen Filters To Help With Color Blindness in iOS 10


I hope no one seriously considers the idea of “colorblind people shouldn’t be flying”, this is a sim and we should try to not discriminate. Got my vote!


Colourblind developer here - what areas of the sim are you having difficulty with? I’ve made a few changes to some colour schemes used in the app based on my experience.

Ideally we would like a user interface that doesn’t require different modes; if there are any particular areas anybody struggles with, you’re more than welcome to let me know and it will be looked into :)

(FYI, I removed the colourblindess test - this isn’t necessary in a request and is more suited for the lounge or a well constructed RWA topic)


The one and only issue I run into is the ILS intercept cones but I’ve been gaming since the late 80’s and I have numerous peers that struggled with games through the years. Some of them had issues far worse than my condition which is limited to “reds&greens.” I can see the cones but sometimes they blend in with everything or the background. Thanks Cameron

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This is something that has been adjusted (to make it more visible against the new global rendering). Thanks for the feedback though :)

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I wanted the colorblind test in there so that it supports my basis and so that community members don’t have to search everywhere to test their vision.i support whatever move you made but I just wanted you to understand the supportive documentation.

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We have a 1 image per feature request rule, plus it would drive attention away from the main topic (deleted a few replies in which people were saying what colours they saw - not really the point of a features topic) :)

You’re more than welcome to create another topic as I said above, and link to it here

Understood, thanks again sir.

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This should be IRL! Wow!

This definitely should be implemented. People should be able to fly and their disability shouldn’t stop them from doing what they like to do.

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100% on the point. I’m deaf, but it’s still possible for me to get on a plane and pilot it in real life. It’s nice to have commands as text messages in IF if commands were audio only then I wouldn’t bother flying on Training Server nor Expert Server. That would take lot of fun away from IF.

I hope there will be colorblind setting on IF to support people who are colorblind. Lot of games and Stimulators has the colorblind setting. I know it’s hard to try have a setting for every form of disability, but supporting 1 out of every 12 men and 1 of every 200 women would make IF even greater.