Colorado weather

Extreme winds in Colorado time for the Infinite Flight Mountain Flyers to take off. 122 hours from now


1 to 2 hours sorry…

Can’t wait to get “blown away” by it!


I wish I was there. It would have been fun watching people being thrown off the runway.

By people, I mean me.


Yes matt we know 😂 and I wish I could have taken it the skies @mike_mclain with you!

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I would definitely love to fly with you sometime. Shoot me a message whenever you feel like flying! :)

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Well it’s snowing here in Denver so have fun with those winds 😂


From Frontier’s instagram? I saw that, too. It’s still hot for this time of the year around me.

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I got it off Facebook and Frontier’s page there

How long did it take you to come up with that pun, that’s “punny” (¬‿¬)

;) It took me about five years, roughly.

That was my purpose to the community, to say this one pun.


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