Colorado Spotting

Hey there spotters!
As many of you may know, I live in Colorado. I want to get started in plane spotting soon, still need a camera…, but I’d just like to know - what are some good spotting places in my great state? I’ve heard (and know) that KDEN isn’t too good for spotting, but does anyone know of some other spotting places?
Note : I have looked over Google, I’d also like some replies from this great community!
Thanks a bunch!

Also, if you’d like to leave camera suggestions, feel free! Don’t worry about price too much, I just want suggestions. I’ll worry about price later :)


I have the Canon 400D, it’s a good camera!
I use the lens: 55/250mm… (not sure, but it has 250mm)

To find a good spottings place just go to my best friend: Google and typ in: spotting places [airport]

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I’ve done that, just wanted some replies from the community :)
Thanks for the camera info!

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There is Vance Brand in Longmont my local airport it is just a small Reg airport but it is great for spotting!


Thank you! I appreciate it :)

No problem man! Glad I could help!

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That’s my home GA airport to!

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I have 2 spots. One is on E 56th and E 114th


Those are your spotting locations for KDEN?

Yea, my main ones. Those you can get all arrivals going north or south. East west is just impossible without getting arrested

Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind :)


I missed a plane once and had a few hours to hang out at KDEN before the next flight.

This location (Google Maps) was great for watching landings on 35L. Watched a plane every two minutes or so for about two hours.

Vance Brand is a lot better when planes are landing on 29 vs. 11 unless there is a better spot to to spot at 11 I didn’t find. To be fair I’ve only been over once even though it is around the corner from me. :)

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (aka JeffCo) is great if you park here. This is immediately adjacent to the USFS air tanker operations base. It says no parking but the two times I’ve been there nobody chased me away. Just don’t block the gate!

During the Cold Springs fire two years ago I made this video. Terrible fire, but cool to watch the air tankers work.



There is a resturant at KBJC, and you can go out on the deck and planespot. It’s called E’s Just good eats.


Thank you so much! That’s really good info, i appreciate it!

Thanks Luke! I’ll keep it in mind!

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I spot at the Northwest corner of the East Garage, and the Northeast Corner of the East Garage, as well as a spot near the Mt. Elbert lot.


Runway 28, KAPA, just so happens to be near Unser Karting. I’ll race for a few hours and spot during breaks. Granted most aircraft are GA but I’ve caught a few Key Lime and larger, expensive private aircraft.


Well, I cannot say that I live in Colorado, but I can think of some interesting things to try. 1. Go visit one of the ski-resort airports (Eagle/Vail, Steamboat Springs, Aspen), and you should be able to find some great spots for taking pics. There you may find mountains around that you can get shots from, or other elevated areas. 2. If you live around the COS area, try to visit the Peterson AFB or something like that. Many cool military airplanes should be there to snap pics of. 3. Who ever said DEN was a bad place for spotting? Here are some great shots taken from around DEN:

Credits: [spoiler]Photo of United B772 (N781UA) - FlightAware
Photo of Southwest B737 (N280WN) - FlightAware
All you have to do is get creative.


Go to Centennial (KAPA) if you’re nearby. I was there today and they were landing on the 17’s. You can get get great shots of aircraft arriving especially those Corporate jets.

RWY 17L & 17R Operations:

The areas in the red boxes are great places to spot from for the operations using the 17’s. I was at the purple pin earlier today when I took the photo you see above. Plenty of parking lots and the tenants generally don’t mind. I’ve seen spotters here in the past, and as I noted I was there but without the intention of spotting. I had other business today in that area.

RWY 35L & 35R Operations:

The 35’s can be a bit tricker to spot from as the Meridian Golf Club takes up a lot of area. Just south of Lincoln Ave. there are some fast food areas, and a carwash called “Waterworks” which lies right under 35R. There is a medical plaza in that same area with plenty of parking as well. Might be worth checking out.

As I was looking at the surrounding area, it looks like Liberty Blvd will get you right up on 35R. I’m not sure if there is public access in that area but I know for a fact that Peoria St. is all public access. You might find some more office buildings in the area with suitable parking. But other than that, everything under the approach path for the 35’s are condos, houses, or residential areas. So just be considerate where you park. 🙂

Other than that, Centennial is a great airport. Lots of areas to spot from in all sorts of different angles. Theres a restaurant that I highly recommend called “The Perfect Landing”. You’ll be sure to enjoy a great meal with even better sights than your normal dine in restaurant.

Have fun and be safe out there!



Try spotting from E 114th ave

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