Colorado Hopping With United E175

Hello Everyone!

Today I did a short hop from Montrose to Denver a daily route United flies and a very beautiful route as well

Parked at the gate with the nice looking evo blue livery

Takeoff Runway 35

Cruising over the beautiful Rockies at FL220

Descending into Denver with the Colorado prairie spanning for miles

Turning into final Runway 17R

🧈 landing with the Denver terminal and mountains in the background

Parked at the gate after a short but fun ride with United and the E175

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Amazing photos!!

I also recommend Durango - Denver and Hayden - Denver


Awesome! I’ll have to check them out are those all ERJ routes or CRJ routes?

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E175 and A319 I believe

Denver-Durango is on a CRJ-200

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Nope, also serviced by the E145, E170, and the occasional E175 and CRJ7.