Colorado Hoppin’!

Why hello there my dear Friends!

I’m back with another photo topic!

I find the Colorado region the best region to fly in with the non-sub IF. The scenery is stunning!

Route for today was:

92CO -> CO19 -> 1CO7 -> 0CO2

Without further ado, lest get goin!

  1. Taking off out of 92CO which is a glitched airport

  1. Lining up with the runway at CO19

  2. A little break with a great view of the mountains in the background

  3. Blasting out of CO19 and heading for 1CO7

  1. Beautiful view of the mountains enroute to our next airport

  1. Landing at 1CO7, which is 600ft Long!

  1. Stunning wing view of the Colorado mountains while cruising towards 0CO2

  1. Nice Scenery as we start our approach

  2. A very fun approach! I had to go around a few cliffs and then align in final

  1. And, last but not least, a greasy landing at our destination airport.

Well, this was an awesome journey! I had lots of fun, and seeing the mountains was very interesting! I highly recommend this route if you don’t have a sub.

Tell me what you think of these photos, and which one was your favourite?

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Thanks for looking, and as always, see you around, or in the skies!


The last picture didn’t seem to load… Otherwise, nice pictures!

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I know, just uploaded it again! :) and thanks mate!

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That last photo is a gem 👌🏽

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Thank you very much!

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Glad to see you having fun on IF without pro, love the 9th photo, I might go and do that approach now? Or later. Love these photos, great job @AlphaSeven!

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Nice photos! Looks like a nice buttery landing in the last one :)


Ahhh Colorado is amazing 😍😍😍

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Happy to see you had a good time! I enjoyed the shots, and would love to see more! 🥳👍🏼🔥

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Thanks @Butter_Boi @Hymenopus_Coronatus @den.aviation and @nativetoalaska! Much appreciated! 😄