Colorado group flight

Basic event rules

  1. No trolling
  2. Follow all ATC instructions
  3. I am not responsible for any violations
  4. If there isn’t ATC then follow the METAR
  5. Have fun!!!

Summary: The state of Colorado holds in it’s presence the greatness of tall mountains. Denver, Colorado is the capital of Colorado. I’ve decided to do a very quick flight from Aspen to Denver in the CRJ700.

download (1)

Server: Expert

Airport: KASE-KDEN



ATC Username
Gate assignments
Gate Airline Aircraft username
1 United CRJ700 @MAviationYT
2 United CRJ700
3 American CRJ700
4 American CRJ700
5 United CRJ700
6 American CRJ700 @Dale_Green
7 American CRJ700
8 United CRJ700
General Aviation Ramp
Ramp Aircraft Username
50 Challenger 350
51 Challenger 350
52 Challenger 350
53 Challenger 350
54 Challenger 350
55 Challenger 350
56 Challenger 350
57 TBM950
58 TBM950
59 TBM950
60 TBM950
61 TBM950

I am able to change the info for the general aviation ramps if you guys want a different GA aircraft.

I could take gate number six, I’ll try to be there!

I’ll just copy your FPL

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Ok. Just let me know if you can’t

I’ll lyk if I can’t, if I can I’ll spawn in at aspen

Also lmk when you spawn in so I can follow you out

Ok. I’ll probably spawn in abt 15 min early so others have time to join, so just plan that.

Gotcha I’ll definitely pull up

Ok then. See you there

2 hours until spawn!

1 hour left for sign ups!

Wont be attending down from ASE but I will be flying in and out of DEN during this time

Nice. I’ll try to spot you out

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30 minutes left! GET YOUR SPOT NOW!!

@Dale_Green sorry. I have to cancel. I don’t have many sign ups so im going to cancel. Hope you join another event of mine

No problem man, have a good one!

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