Colorado Fires

If anyone has heard northern Colorado is on fire! My home state is on fire, it is devistating to me to watch every single morning the columns of smoke rise from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains! The flames are unremmiting and are dangerous.

Curently, there are about half a dozen fires burning, CalWood Fire, Middle Fork Fire, East TroubleSome Fire, Williams Fork Fire, LeftHand Canyon Fire, and the biggest fire in Colorado history Cameron Peak Fire.

  • Photo 1 is Calwood Fire
  • Photo 2 Calwood Fire
  • Photo 3 Plane dropping retardant
    *Photo 4 DC-10 Tanker dropping retardant

Thanks to all the firefighters and pilots who are protecting the home!

Curtosiy of 9News Colorado


Paging @DeerCrusher.


2020 keeps getting worse.

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Not something you see everyday…

oh wait.

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That’s bad, that must be October conflict, ya know because something bad happened in every month in 2020

I live up in Fort Collins and the smoke is so bad every day. It been like that for the past 2 months.


Why 2020 got to be like this…? : (

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Man… Climate change really starts to mess the world up


It’s not climate change. It’s just that people started to stop natural forest fires, which usually burned all the junk on the ground and suddenly you have less forest fires, but then they eventually happen instead of some of that junk there are years of unburnt junk which make up for a much bigger fire.


Unfortunate thing is, this isn’t just an “October” thing. Colorado has been on fire for months. The Cameron Peak Fire has burned over 204k acres, largest in state history, and has been burning since August. We’ve had multiple record setting fires this year. It’s so sad to see my beautiful state on fire like this :(


As much as I love aviation, it really has a huge impact on climate change and the climate change at least passively causes and enhances bush fires


I don’t really think it’s gonna have a massive impact on climate change, we’ve had big fires in the past, this is relatively small for a west coast state’s largest ever fire at 160,000 acres I’m not trying to minimize it just saying, the largest ever forest fire in the USA happened in 1910 which burned through much of northern idaho and some of Montana, it burned 3 million acres, wildfires are normal and good for the forest surprisingly there have been wildfires of this size thousands of years ago it won’t really affect the environment very much.
Again not trying to minimize the effects of it on the landscape just explaining something.

I believe I saw it from a plane.

Well it’s sad but you need forest fires it keeps forests healthy, and yes they’re are plenty of record setting fires all around but this is I believe a bad year, here in Idaho we once we had a fire that burned a whole half mountain range but it’s growing better and stronger.

As research shows it has a very big impact. The natural resistance against those fires such as moisture or water in the ground and therefore in the leafs shrinks with climate change. It makes it easier for fires to burn and helps with the desertification that continues in California. And yes there were bigger fires, but the graph is a bit like stocks. Some years a higher than others but there is often a tendency, in this case the size and severeness of the fires increasing in the Long run

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Best part about it is it’ll keep in getting worse until humanity collective decides to do something about it. (Sarcasm.)

It is truest devastating to see this, and to honestly smell it as well.

Next on 2020’s agenda: Alien Invasion

Hey, just wanted to stop in and say “Hi” from Michigan. As a Fire Explorer for my local fire department, I’ve gone on a few decent size brush fires this year and even that was intimidating. I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling right now seeing your home state fall apart like that. Please be cautious as brush fires can rapidly spread (as you probably know) without you even noticing. My family and the State of Michigan have you, your family, and your state in our prayers.

Stay safe,

Aviation Enthusiast
Detroit, Michigan


The fires have been bad this past weekend. I could see the smoke from my house which is south of Denver. We finally got some air support from a DC10 on the Cameron Peak fire.

These pictures are from my backyard at my house.

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