Colorado company plans next supersonic passenger jet

I thought this was really interesting.


That looks so good ☺☺

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@Lare that’s what I thought

I know right…

It would be nteresting to see who buys it, if it ever comes ou at all, and who would even buy it!

I don’t think any airline will buy it because the failed Concorde will make airlines think to not but it.

That name tho 😂

🙌🏼 boom 🙌🏼

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It’s easy to dream and easy to come up with ideas like this. Could probably find new images of concept planes every day. Let me know when someone actually starts building one though.

I do hope that faster flight comes sooner rather than later.

Sir Richard Branson / Virgin has options for 10. Interesting.

It looks awesome though. Imagine the premium you could charge flying it across the Pacific - LAX - SYD in 6 hours.

I doubt it the fuel that is needed for the Concorde was very expensive it used 300 gallons of fuel in 2mins just taxing

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