Colorado...a beautiful place to fly in


Such a peaceful day here in Colorado!! Thank you to the IFATC advanced at KEGE who took control of this airport. Well done controlling! Besides…its just so peaceful…a morning dew on the runway, birds flitting about, aircraft slowly taxiing, no confusion.
Try flying in Denver guys the views and everything is wonderful :)
Safe landings :)


No problem come see us any time👍🏼

A second picture of the gorgeous, infamous, Denver mornings!!! I love flying out of there (not to mention it is my home base haha)

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I will always come back to DIA, home to aviation

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I’m sorry to correct you, but that’s KEGE.
I controlled there.

Glad you enjoyed my controlling although it was hard to handle all the requests, especially if 75% of all players there don’t have any idea how to handle ATC instructions nor how to fly a plane.
Over 10 ghostings in an 65-minute session.


I edited it and now it is correct :)

Wow that hurts haha! But I know that for whatever reason…it was most likely correct haha!
Thank you for taking time out of your day to control so I could not only taxi and fly effortlessly, but also spend time in Colorado! Seriously guys come fly there more often

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im gonna photoshop these photos for ya :D
should be an easy edit cuz of your spectacular uh… screenshotting skills

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Man stay out of there so I can do my touch and go’s. JK jk hahaha

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Hmm that sucks. KDEN went really well for me, many pilots following instructions and etc . 🙂

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Haha we have an IFATC battle here

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Haha thanks Jompa

And besides I adore flying in KDEN!!! My favorite since…duh…its DIA😂😂🛬🛫

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