Color of other aircraft labels and planes

I’m somewhat of a newbie to the IF Live App so I haven’t been able to sort out what the colors mean for other aircraft. When in Camera mode what is the difference between an aircraft and user with a green label as opposed to a white label (or any other color)?

Also, what is going on when an aircraft goes from blue to orange in map view, then red, then disappears? Some troll was dogging me at SFO in flight when that happened to him. Were his/her juvenile actions detected and dealt with by the app (cool if so!)?

For color of the labels, green is 100% standing, white is 50-99%, and if I’m remembering correctly, there’s also orange and red labels, these are for below 50% standing.
On the map view, planes will be white, orange, or red. White is you, blue just means normal, orange means you’re a little close, red means (possibly) dangerously close.

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Blue labels also mean it’s a developer that is flying, and purple labels notify you that the person is a moderator. And actually, on the map, you are the white plane, and the normal is a light shade of blue


So when the troll was dogging me and turned red then disappeared, did a moderator “ghost” him/her, did the app detect it and ghost them automatically or did the troll just give up? Any way of knowing?

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So on your map and mini map, the aircraft is in its normal state of a light shade of blue. When you get a bit too close to an aircraft, that aircraft will turn Orange on the map or mini map. If the aircraft gets dangerously close to yours, it will turn red. Its basically a radar detention system that prevents mid-air collisions. If the aircraft disappears, it could mean one of two things. An active ATC Controller has ghosted the aircraft. or the user himself has ended his flight or his game crashed causing the end of his session

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For player colours, see this thread:

For aircraft colours on the minimap (pilot’s perspective):

  • white: your aircraft
  • blue: other aircraft
  • orange: alert: other aircraft that’s in close proximity to you (over three miles, but possible traffic conflict)
  • red: high alert: other aircraft potentially in collision range (I think it’s either <3 or <1 NM distance and less than 1000ft altitude clearance)

It’s a basic emulation of a TCAS system.

If they disappeared - depending on which server you were flying on, it could be any of the following:

  • they quit the app
  • app crashed
  • they were reported by users and the system ghosted them
  • they racked up a high number of violations and the system ghosted them (this is automatic)
  • the ATC ghosted them for inappropriate behaviour (advanced server only)

Now its changed
Grade1,2,3 White
Grade 4 Green
Grade 5 light Orange
Network issue Orange
Pink Mod RIP…
Blue Devs

I realize this is an old topic, but this appears to be incorrect and confusing as a new user. I have flown near Grade 5 users many times and they are blue.

So this calls into question the accuracy of the whole post. Has anything changed from the previous posts other than standing which seems to have been removed?

That’s the mini map icon. The thing you’re trying to understand is the tag above the aircraft.

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Grade 5 users only have golden yellow. Unless you’re a mod, then you have pink. Blue is only for Devs.

Here is an updated version:
White: Grade 1, 2 or 3
Green: Grade 4
Brown: Grade 5
Pink: Moderator
Blue: Developer
Orange: Network Issue