Color for advanced controllers callsign

Hi there,
The Devs have blue callasions
The mods have Purple callasions
Can the advanced controllers (We) have a callasion color like yellow, black, grey…etc


And what would that do? I feel like that would just people feel like advanced ATC’s are a “higher” class in this community :/


I’d like to hear what everyone’s opinions are. Just because I disagree with something doesn’t mean I close the topic.


Same argument could be made about mods or even devs. We’re all people. We all take a sh*t the same way. With greater power comes greater responsibility. If someone can’t handle it they should be stripped of their title.

I don’t see a problem with different groups having their own color. I see ‘ATC’ in usernames in live and have no idea if they are advanced ATC or just think it’s cool. It would at least rid of that doubt.


i like this idea. If mods and devs get different colors why shouldn’t advanced ATC. They’ve earned it. They do so much for IF they should at least get a color:)
For the record I am NOT an advanced ATC


Don’t quote me on this but I believe they color code mods and devs so they don’t get impersonated. That’s happened to me before…


I mean we wouldn’t want us advanced controllers getting impersonated would we 😱?

Oh that makes a lot of sense. Are people impersonating advanced ATC? @AR_AR says he sees ATC usernames all the time

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I honestly don’t know if those are the real guys or impersonators. I’ve been impersonated before and it wasn’t fun.


And maybe a color for people with top XP. Yesterday on was on playground controlling at KLAX when I saw Kuwait on final. Then I realized he only had 130,000 XP

If advanced controllers get specific colors then “advanced” pilots are going to end up wanting them too… Let’s just leave the colors to the Devs and Mods.


What do u mean “advanced” pilots? Anyone can fly on advanced if they have 25,000 xp and 100% standing

Splan that to me Mr. Carson. XP of 130 grand appear to be pretty decent to me. Apparently he had the required % to fly on Playground. I have decent XP and am on the Leader Board and don’t want no stinking Color Code. This whole topic is spiciest. Why generate more devision. Max Sends


Yes 130k xp is great! I don’t have that much. But Kuwait is in the millions. Would u want someone impersonating you?

I just think people who spend much more time than others or people who are advanced ATC that are big contributors should get colors. Just an idea…

Like me Kuwait is a free agent and like me he prefers the Playground where “Full” ATC’s are always available. As long as the Ghost is a revenge weapon of the ezly antagonized or harried Controller who can’t hack the pace the Advance will remain a “B” backwater for me. As for Colors why not wings & stars which is just as ridicules. Max Sends


This has nothing to do with advanced server or playground server. I think there was a miscommunication somewhere along the way. And it wasn’t the real Kuwait. It was an imposter. That’s what I’m trying to get at. **ridiculous^

Impersonation is a form of flattery, it’s like being a Dev Cultist. Everybody wants the 30 second of fame it the human condition. What’s the harm!
As for Color Codes leave it like it is. Max Sends


Flattery? Swang007 says he was impersonated and it wasn’t fun.