Color Coordinated Radar System (for TS1 only)

Hi guys,

Wouldn’t it be nice if the color of your plane changed (on radar) based on what frequency you were on?

Ok so below is a random picture of tower radar control. More often then not, I see planes enter the ILS approach cone thingy on the Approach frequency and i just wish there was a way to tell what frequency they are on! They enter your air space without requesting transition, they are cutting in front of traffic on final , and you want to help them get into your pattern correctly, but you cannot talk to them. With the current system you would have to look away from your perfectly set up pattern, click on the plane, to find the PIC on some irrelevant frequency.

With my system, planes would be color identified by Center Blue, Departure Green, Approach Orange, Tower Red, Ground White, and black for no frequency at all.

This type of system would help novice controllers better identify inbound aircraft not already on their frequency, help pilots visually communicate and identify the pattern, and help see when they should contact tower or any frequency for that matter. This idea needs community feed back desperately. The training server can be (and is in my opinion)) about growth, practice, and peer to peer development.


I would love to see this on IF I would be very useful


Thank you very much for your feedback it means alot


One issue I see would be “what tower?”, “what approach?”. Someone can be in your airspace on a tower frequency, but not necessarily yours.

I don’t mean to be insulting, I’m just asking, but do you know how to open a plane’s information and tell what frequency they are tuned to?

Current-state, absent the color-coding, it’s still possible to tell what frequency they are tuned to. Generally as a tower controller, before on-guarding a plane in your airspace, you would check altitude (if transitioning) or if they’re on approach (if landing). The information is available.

If your color coding system would just be based on tower/approach, etc., you’d still be unaware by the color only whether they were on the correct tower or approach frequency. Current-state, the information is available on any grey aircraft.


You just need to tap on there info to find out which freq they are on.

I did think a while ago that maybe changing the name tag colour on the radar screen to a different colour once cleared for takeoff would be great then it changes back to normal when they are in the air,

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Great idea but as @Tim_B said there is only one issue
But can be easily solved by having it one colour for you and different for other tower

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Yeah, as long as it’s your tower versus any other, I think it could be feasible. 160 different colors wouldn’t really help.

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Hi Tim,

You raise great points. I think that generally speaking (like the current system) if you can look at a plan visually in radar and it’s within your air space 9 times out of 10 it is inbound to your airport.

I like your point because this it raises the situation with KEWR and JFK. here you have two well respected International Aiports. However I feel that for air ports with this type of situation there is still a solution. What if in cases like this the server could force you over to the correct channel as filed in your flight plan provided you filed it. Like some kind of sorter.

How does that sound Tim? And @Fynn

It’s a thought. Unfortunately, detailed flight plans aren’t as common as one would hope. Second, approach may take a plane through tower airspace, and we don’t want them switching to tower early automatically.

But, with IT, there’s code that can facilitate virtually any contingency, so it’s a start.

But, it won’t happen anytime soon, so checking the plane information is at least available in the interim.

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Thanks Adam I appreciate your feed back you raise good points. I think that change is difficult especially when you are managing a pattern. My proposal is a way for novice pilots and controllers to recongiize and identify patterns. I really want to stress that point.

I completely agree Tim,

What FDS has done so far is phenomenal. It’s the only game on the Android App makret of its kind. I love it.

And I think that this system would work best with feed back from the entire community.

I would like to see diferent color for the planes wich are in my (Tower) airspace and the airplanes wich are above 5000feet. And diferent color for planes wich are planning to land on my airport, acc to flight plan.

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What I meant is al the other towers are the same colour but different from you

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It’s not the towers that would change color it’s only the inbound aircraft to your airport with intentions to land as filed in each. Pilots respective flight plans. To each type of frequency is a different color assigned as described above. Departure, Center, Tower, Approach, controllers will see this color and automatically know that this air craft is being routed by someone and is not somone that will be in properly handed off, abruptly disrupting the set up pattern or some other third thing.

It also creates (for novice controllers) a since of comrodery to work together .

Maybe this is a good reason to bring back TS2… Strictly for this purpose. Just because I make grade 3 doesn’t mean I understand patterns, and tower commands.

I think most people wanna practice patterns with a fully staffed tower who wants to practice issuing towers commands. Having this on TS2 wouldn’t defeat the purpose of my idea it wouldn’t only give people room to grow until they are ready for Expert. Idk I’m just saying.

That’s how I read you. Sorry if it sounded like a contradiction. I think that would be feasible.

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A willingness to learn is a start, and further than many get.

Please check out the following:

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TS2 was not used as much so in that case, the money spent on that server was a waste.

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I couldn’t agree more

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