Color Code the New Gate Screen

So, if you’ve haven’t checked Laura’s Instagram, there are two new pictures of an in-game gate screen, where you can see if anyone else is at a certain gate. I was thinking, if possible, that the gates could also be color coded for light, medium, and heavy aircraft types, so you can see both aircraft currently at gates, and which gates would suit your aircraft… Maybe blue, yellow and red, or something like that? I understand LiveFlight has a similar thing, but as long as the gate screen is going to be in-game, maybe we could have this as well. Leave a like if you agree!

Also, I don’t think this is a duplicate, since I’m specifically talking about Laura’s recent pictures, but Mods, feel free to close if I should add this somewhere else.


I believe this post belongs here ;)


It’s a feature request.


We seriously don’t know what’s going to come, the picture she posted is just a prototype.

A lot will change before the final release.

The feature might be uncompleted, etc. It’s hard to request something on top of something that’s being made. C’mon…


In other news, this is a great idea, and would be very efficient…

Even though Cameron would go out of business. 😂

However, one major problem I see with this, is that adding the new gate feature ALONE to 11,000+ airports is a huge task. Adding a color coding feature to them as well would be going over the top, and is tons of work.


I think laura wudve coded an algorithm that wudve marked all the gate positions for her based on x and y coordinates


I would love to see this in addition, as looking up a gate chart to be realistic can be a hassle (or too cheap to get Horizon…).

P.S. @antek It’s spelled “would’ve”, just a little pet peeve. Cheers!

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Meh, we don’t know what would come with this new feature yet. Just wait and see ;)

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All data exists in their airport data file we send - making it very easy :)


I don’t know why people keep saying that… LiveFlight Horizon offers a lot of features, it isn’t designed to be an airport gate map like what Laura is apparently building :)


Well Kilt kept saying on that other request to get LiveFlight to see which gates are taken ;)

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The airport chart feature intends to serve as more than a gate map, designed as a tool to help ground navigation and to assist ground ATC controllers.

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I only use Live Flight for Gate Maps 😂😂

Ik just too lazy to spell out the entire word ;)

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Don’t worry Cam, it was just a joke. 😂

Point taken. But, since it is still in development, I wanted to share this idea so that it could maybe be taken into consideration on the prototype.

It’s 2 extra letters. You’re not saving time.

And I’m not understanding what you’re talking about…

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@Kilt_McHaggis that old website you had, with the diagrams of the terminals, gate numbers, and the airlines that use each terminal, do those diagrams still exist somewhere?

Trying to make it easier for people to select the correct terminals, which leads into selecting the correct gates. I do my own research before-hand, and select the correct gates/ terminals for my flights, but people seem to want the ‘easier option’

We integrated them as part of LiveFlight Horizon and they’re replaced on iOS with interactive, dynamic charts (coming soon to the website).