Colombo to Keflavik: A Flight

I’ll keep the details short:

Departure Airport: Colombo (VCBI)
Arrival Airport: Keflavik (BIKF)
Aircraft: A333
Airline: WOW Air
Flight Time: 12:14

I was going to use gifs to spice up this post, but they were too large to upload, so I’ve used short videos instead

At the Stand in Colombo

(VIDEO) Engine 1 Start

Lining Up

(VIDEO) Rotation

Flying Over Mumbai

Aktau, Kazakhstan

Turning Final

(VIDEO) Gear Down

(VIDEO) Landing

At the Stand in Keflavik

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Very nice pictures! Love the Barney style livery.

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Nice landing, Yacht Yacht. What FPM was it?

I didn’t record it for this flight, sorry.

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Wow! What nice shots, that turning final one is something special!

Thank you!

great pictures, love the shot over Mumbai, I love India and Sri Lanka

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Awesome photos, the one of you turning final, is just amazing.

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