Colomban Cri Cri | The World's Smallest Dual Engine Aircraft


This is a request for the ages… An aircraft I garuentee you’ve seen and forgotten about:

The Colomban Cri Cri


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Smallest Twin-Engine Aircraft CriCri Coming to AirVenture 2018

What is the Cri Cri?

The Colomban Cri Cri is the world’s smallest, twin engined aircraft. It has three versions, one of which having been fitted with jet engines. The Cri Cri was created by aeronautical engineer, Michel Colomban and was named after one of his daughters, Christine. It features a low wing, a bubble type cockpit and fixed tricycle landing gear. It was first manufactured in 1970 in France.

But Adam… Why should this be added?

Yes. I can hear you - and I shall supply an answer.

The Cri Cri is a small, ultralight aircraft, which is something we don’t have in Infinite Flight as of yet. Not only that, but it would create some diversity within the Infinite Flight fleet and allow the user to enjoy a much simpler way of flying.

If you’d like some more information on the Cri Cri, you can feel free to follow the link below:

Thanks for your interest! A vote would be greatly appreciated, but if you don’t one available, feel free to comment your thoughts on this absolutely majestic aircraft.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


That is umm, interesting. Happy Holidays!


Let it be known… I voted for this.


looks cute…wil support this…but i dont have votes…

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Idk if my respect level just went up or down for you. Up because your liking of all aircraft, down because I have to say it, this plane isn’t fun/good looking.

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i think it’s cute lol


At least it’s not boring…

I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Matt.

That’s totally fine! 100% cute.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool aircraft, but I don’t think it’s necessary in IF. People tend to go for the faster planes with stronger engines and long range, so the Colomban Cri Cri with an ineffective range of 311 nms and a cruising speed of 100 knots probably wouldn’t be very popular in the days after its release. Seeing how unpopular other prop planes like the spitfire and SR22 are, I don’t think IF would need this in the near future.

On the other hand, adding this plane would come with its benefits. Its small size would make it compatible for flying into small and undiscovered airfields. The short range would encourage airport hopping, which would also lead to smaller airports getting more attention. Its light weight would also be helpful in VAs, which could use them in training exercises. On top of that, its weaker engines and slower speeds would be helpful in sightseeing flights around difficult terrain.


Well said XD

Voted! (another ac to be added in 2021?)

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I completely agree. The aircraft is definitely not something you’d expect as a feature request.

The SR22 is probably unpopular in that it’s one of, if not, the oldest model in Infinite Flight. The Spitfire can go really fast (like <300kts).

Either way, I agree. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks! I doubt it, but as always, will remain hopeful.

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