Collison fix

You should make it so if the plane touch they crash. But since people would go and spam other users they get ghosted for half an hour of online time. It would also create les mayhem.


I agree entirely! People crash into you because they can get away with it! Its very frustrating.

There is also people getting bored so they budge in front of you. I get really annoyed when that happens.

Location isn’t accurate enough for this. A lot of accidental mistakes would happen if there was any server or device lag. Also the devs would have to program the animation for this. Sounds as well if you want it to be realistic.

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I personally feel that when someone crashes thru you that the game/sim should terminate just as it would when you fly into a mountain or ground…but you give users an inch and they take a mile…roll with the punches

That will be AWESOME
I have seen many rude guys trying to rush past


Awesome but then you get affected by the crash as well


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And add where you spawn the gate they don’t allow if there is an aircraft in the gate you wouldn’t be able to spawn there to prevent accidental collisions.