Collision-London Gatwick

A clear sunny afternoon at a busy Gatwick, a crj200 was cleared for takeoff as the pilot was lining up an easy jet flight had just landed on the parallel runway as the captain of the crj pushed forward on the thrust the atc ordered the easy jet flight to exit runway then proceed to cross the crjs runway by the time the easy jet started to pull out in front it was too late to reject takeoff so the pilot pulled backed on the yoke if he was a senond sooner the right wing would have missed the cockpit of the easy jet flightInfiniteFlight_2019-06-06-17-47-01


Haha, that’s hilarious!

Anyways, two sides of one runway shouldn’t be used, for exactly this.

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That never happens to me


Please post your photos on this topic.

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Welcome to the community, but it depends I’m sure you were making the right choice.

It all depends on which part of the runway was open (green) or closed (red);
If the runway 26R/04L was used, because that is a taxiway. Unsafe for landings;
Which server? Casual then literally no one gives a… Training, People would have got annoyed but still you can’t really do much, and expert, where if there was an ATC, they would have definitely ghosted/ reported them. Out of interest what grade are you if you don’t mind me asking?


LGW’s runways are geographically too close for dual runway operations; that’s why it never happens in real life. 26R is a relief runway, for use when 26L is out of service. All other times, it is a routine taxiway.

Another gripe with LGW is Approach controllers taking everything from the south over the top of the airfield for a right hand pattern. This never happens as the airspace between LGW and LHR is utilised in the main for LGW departures (on 26R) and LHR arrivals.

The “over the top and downwind” seems to be popular amongst some controllers. It would be good to see them attempting dual patterns for a little more reality, where airfields utilise it in real life. 👍


Hi I’m technically a grade four but unfortunately can’t keep my ratio of flights up so atm a grade 3 who flys on the expert server most of the time.
Runways 26r was open and 04l was closed I was using 26r to takeoff and easy jet was using 26l too land thank you for your reply I have gained some new knowledge

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Ideally would love to see IFATC using real life STAR and SID (importantly IF Pilots also using the STAR and SID’s as well). Use of the LGW with parrell runways on Expert always removes an area of realism for me. I always study the charts before flying as well as looking at the real life patterns on FR24 to give me an idea of how reallife traffic works.

Over the top and round is something you see at smaller airfields, usually GA’s not so often with jetliners (though there are some…)


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