Collision in Expert Server

What is it with me and being surrounded by inconsiderate pilots on the expert server recently?

I’m in front of an aircraft currently decending into LEMD. This aircraft behind me shows no signs of slowing down or maintaining distance.

Next things happens. Basically crashes into me.

Like what the hell!

Where’s ATC or a moderator when you need them 😂

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They probably have VNAV on and they are sound asleep 😴 💤


Probably. Didn’t even deviate of his course. I moved in the end. But wanted to see how long it’d take him to notice me. And just to add!! Someone tried to takeoff towards me on the runway I was landing on. 😂😅


Unfortunately this is just something that happens on the expert server. It happens to me occasionally too, but we can’t have mods everywhere all the time sadly.


It’s unfortunate to hear your experience of late. Maybe for the time being choose airports with ATC present, just to get your experience back where it belongs 👍

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This is why we should keep saying something so hopefully something can be done in future to stop it. But yes. Very annoying lol

Yeah I couldn’t agree more

As a law abiding airman, I would have deactivated my LNAV and devetiated from my FPL or performed a 360 degrees turn to let this “inconsiderate pilot” through.

I mean we can’t always depend on others to do what we want them to do. We all have to play our part :)


I couldn’t agree more sir! I did in the end. I wasn’t the one in the wrong so I wanted to see what he was going to do. But I completely agree with you.

Hey, I know you have issues with other pilots on expert server, happens to me a lot. But rather then complaining about them on creating topics, it would be a good idea to dm them personally. You would not change anything if you create a topic and complain about them. A moderator or staff member can not really do something right now.

Hey, I already have. But it’s good to make the community aware that it’s happening and more often so things can be done to prevent it in future! Thanks for your comment though.

Yea, wow, just don’t turn on VNAV before you’re sure you cam be active on descent. I bet he got a speeding violation after this.

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Thats easier if you’re departing the airport, not so easy when you’re arriving 🤨

As I said in a previous topic, you need to send @ moderators a message when something like this is happening. If it’s something we feel needs to be reported, then we will. If not, we will tell you why.

If mods are not awake, then you can message someone who is online that has “ATC Supervisor” tag, on the forum. If they are available they will help you.

It’s really hard to be somewhere when you don’t know something is happening. I’m looking at our inbox and you didn’t not contact us at all regarding the issue