Collision Crash

Hi guys! I think that realism is really important, and to add some, we should add collision crashes. Activated only in expert servers, it will crash all the aircrafts involved in the collision, both in thr air, and ground. Thanks for giving me your time and also for an eventual vote, bye!

This is kind of a duplicate topic. Please search before posting.

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I think the idea is the same but not really you know, they’re different, im not talking about ghosts

“This is not something we will add.” - @schyllberg (2018)

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About collision crashes? If yes why?

If the feature was added (highly doubt it) it would be used as a trolling tool like crazy, even on the expert server. It’s just not a great idea…


A simulator is realistic, in real life if you clollide with a plane i think you crash

In fact i said only training and expert servers, where if atc sees you did it on purpose you get ghosted

If you want to discuss it more with people, feel free to discuss it on the feature request @Kacey posted. (In my opinion) This one should be closed, please don’t take offence of that bro 😉 🤙

Congrats on TL 2 BTW!

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Thanks! Just got to tl2

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Please do continue in the topics above. Thanks!