Collision between two aircraft at Dubai

A British Airways A350-1000 collided with an Emirates B773 while he was pushing back. The damage on the tail looks really serious and I think it will be a very costly repair.


I mean the larger the aircrafts are getting the larger the airports have to be.

Yeah that does look very expensive. It’s going to be very hard to repair in these times. Hopefully they both get the passengers and cargo where they need to be.




I just spat my drink of water out 😂😂😂


Sad to see, but it’s not like they’ll need this aircraft for now. They have time and enough spares to fix this.

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That’s BA’s first A35K right? Christ…


Well, that’s unfortunate but who’s fault was it?

@Sashaz55 the only person who could really be at fault is the one pushing the A350… or the one guiding him/her.

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Is it me or does it seem that BA’s A350 fleet hasn’t been lucky. Remember the Toulouse incident in the paint shop, the Tel Aviv hard landing and now this. Glad no one was hurt. That sure looks like an expensive repair. Ps @Philippe_Gilbert, the Emirates jet was a 77W.

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Wasn’t just this. One BA A350 also got stuck on LHR’s runway and had to be checked. Another had a hydraulic issue or failure while landing in Toronto.


What is up with BA and breaking their A350s?!

I know right! During times like this they’ve got to save every penny! 💰 📈👏

Lol BA had no luck with his a350

That’s sad and a little funny 😄

Sheesh… pretty unfortunate. Looks like it’ll be costly!

Man how hard it it. Like this isn’t Training server. DONT GO THROUGH OTHER PLANES.

BA does need the A350s for Cargo ops in the moment though and also it will be a huge pain for BA to fix the aircraft with all the travel restrictions being in place. Hard to get mechanics there among other things.

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Ah, I thought they were using the 747s/777s for cargo-only. Didn’t realize the A350s were also doing the same.

They use the 787 for sure for all cargo ops (e.g. recently on LHR-ZRH-FRA-LHR) and I think the A350s to TLV and DXB are all-Cargo too, but I am really not sure about that one.

From the looks of things, they are using all aircraft for cargo ops. The typical aircraft assigned routes seems to be what is happening, Tel Aviv and Dubai are served by the A350 usually anyway. Only difference is that there are larger variants, the -300ER is being used a bit kore for flights across the world it seems, especially for repatriations from India. If anything the B747 is being used the least minus the A380’s.