Collision avoidance

Is there any chance you could bring back the collision avoidance screen?! …at least eventually?

What’s the collision avoidance screen? Did we have this?

Right now, on your radar other aircrafts that are close colour orange or red. Is that not what you mean?

I’m talking about terrain, not other aircraft. On the old IF, there was a button you could push that would make mountains light up yellow and red depending on your altitude.

This wa removed with global due to limitations with performance. It will be added in the future I’m sure when it’s possibe to do it without compromising on how well IF runs.

Flying at night, especially approaches, is difficult with no knowledge of the surrounding terrain.

The terrain map was indeed removed in Global. I believe this was because it takes too much resources.
I did hear that the devs want to bring it back, but apparently this is not easy and takes time.

I know many of us here hope it will be back soon.

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I figured as much. I suppose I should study a sectional for the route I’m taking. I crashed into the side of a mountain on approach to Salt Lake City last night because I couldn’t see it in time.

Won’t be added back right yet, but we are working on redoing some stuff that should help