Collision at KSFO under ATC

So, I flew into KSFO, and requested a landing on 19R, because the 28s were labeled as crosswind. KSFO TWR cleared me to land and told Delta to Go-Around. Well, Delta went around, then came in for an APPR to 28L, uncleared. At the same time, a Singapore 777 was using 10R for takeoff. So, as I was crossing the intersection, Singapore rejected and went off 10R, and hit the B738.

Here is the IFREPLAY link:

An easy way to resolve this -

This will tell what runways you should use.

So, technically both of you were at some fault for not following the ATIS.

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Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Please reach out to the controller via PM rather than making a topic. I’m sure they’d be happy to talk about it with you there. ATC members are people too and they make mistakes every once in a while as well.

Sorry, this was on Training Server, no ATIS on TS

Oh, well thats very common on training server. There’s not anything that can go don’t about it in that case.

I meant that, like ‘apply what the real-life ATIS says into the game’. Right now, it says land on 28’s.

So no lvl2/3 violations?

Lvl 2/3 Violations will only be issued on the Expert server no matter what the circumstance. Only level 1’s are in Training server.

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I think you mean the Training Server
Wait I read it wrong my bad

Most pilots/ATC are still learning the procedures on the training server and mistakes are very common (this includes trolls.) IF is always looking for ways to improve it but for realistic flying, you should always stick to the expert server where rules and procedures will be enforced by violations. If you are still at grade 2 working up to grade 3, make sure to familiarize yourself with the manual and continue practicing to help you get there soon.

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look at the WX tab on the airport page in the map (KSFO in this case) and use the wind direction and speed and work out from that information the best available runways as your ‘ATIS’
Note: WX is mostly only available at major airports and some smaller airports, so in that case it’s probably best just to use the recommended runways (on the map the most recommended runway will be green, orange/amber will be still recommended but not as much as green and red isn’t recommended at all)

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