Hello and welcome I guess. This is my ATC Tracking Thread where I need your help, to help me get better with my ATC skills so I can control the expert server.

Please don’t mess around. Thanks guys.

Details will be posted in the comments with regards to the airport and active runways.


Open currently at PHNL.

Runways in use: 26L and 26R

I may switch runways to 22L and 26 R to try and test my skills with intersecting runways

Thanks @Ezzie for arriving.

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Feedback from Ascot01

  1. So I noticed my takeoff clearance. I said I was heading straight out. For straight out departures, you’ll want to tell me how long you want me to be straight out for, which you didn’t do.
  2. Frequency change was good.
  3. Transition was good.
  4. 2nd option was good.
  5. Departure clearance was good.
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PHNL is now closed, thanks to everyone who attended. Can I tag you next time?

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You can tag me next session.

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Yes I noticed this too. I wasn’t sure if I should say how long because it wasn’t busy. I’ll take note of this and I’ll make sure to do it next time. Thanks for coming.

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Hey @Collins4486 this is G-DRXW, reporting your feedback. Keep in mind though, I’m at the same place where you are and just passed the Written so congratulations to us both!

Some points for improvement:

  • Probably the strongest feedback I’d give is Cross Runway commands. When I was taxiing to Rwy 26R, you could also clear me for Rwy 22R and Rwy 22L ahead of time so I didn’t need to stop or slow down.
  • Amazing sequencing. Perfect patternwork.
  • Excellent communication.

Overall, wonderful job, in ways better than me! See you soon!

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@Ezzie this is where I was confused:

With the word “should” I thought it wouldn’t be mandatory but is something to do. I would have thought that this was meant for busy times but now I know it should be used at most all the time.

Thanks for the feedback.

Did you want me to say both cross runway commands when you were approaching 22R?

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Yeah, that’s for the atis, which you won’t have access until you become one of us. I’m not too fond of the straight out command myself, but I believe if an aircraft asks for straight out, you give them one of the straight out options that best fits with the terrain and traffic.

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Alright thanks for the follow up.

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Yup, that’s normally what I’d do. Most importantly, as a pilot, I cannot infer that you cleared me to cross 22L if I’m only given the 22R command. I wish there was a way to say both but for now, it has to be two separate commands.

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Opening again at SAEZ

@Drew @Ezzie

Runways in use 17 and 11

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How long you planning on staying open?

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An hour? Depending on the level of traffic really.

I’m about to head home and grab a bite to eat, should be there in half and hour.

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Thanks see you then!

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