Collins4486’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [WRITTEN PASSED] [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello and welcome to my (@Collins4486) tracking thread!

I just passed my written exam so I think I should start practicing for my practical.
——————————————————————— Airport: N/A
Server: Training
Pattern Work only, I will accept departures out of the airspace but my practical exam is based on pattern work. Please obey instructions.
Please feel free to give feedback either negative or positive is accepted!

Thank you guys for your help


EINN has unicom for me

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Not open yet sorry about that.

bruh ok then

Do you know what I’ll start now. I might get kicked out because of WiFi.

Hey @Collins4486 I will be about later this evening for approximately 3 touch and goes if that is ok?

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Hi, your title should include your IFC username and the ICAO of the airfield you’re open at, so it should read: Collins4486’s ATC Tracking thread [OPEN] @ ICAO


Thanks Patrick what time

Just changed that thanks for tip

EINN closed for now, might be open later depending on numbers.

EINN will be open 15:00z pop in and do a few patterns it will be greatly appreciated!

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Hey guys I’m going to reopen I’m busy at 15:00z so EINN is open now!

Hey guys airport has been changed to LFBO!

lfbo? i’m in for some airbus testing! if only i knew what airbus to choose… any recommendations?

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Im going in an A321

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About to spawn in

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i’ll take the A350 since it has house colors

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I think @Collins4486 said in the original topic to not have anything bigger than A320/B739

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that was for EINN

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Idk its still there. Guessing he wont respond now since hes already controlling.

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